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My Tasks

Sorting incoming donations, training volunteers to sort incoming, interpreting for Spanish speakers to sort stuff, improving sorting processes, coordinating sorting with other staff, and really trying to sort it all out.

My Meta Drives

I believe that continual learning is necessary for further self development and improvement, and has thus become fundamental to the way I live my life. Traveling is also important to me as it is a great means of personal growth. Experiencing other cultures and places in the world opens one’s mind to the trials and tribulations of humanity and often offers unexpected lessons. I am passionate about connecting with others as there is always something in common and something to share. With experience touring and commuting by bicycle, I have become interested in the promotion of bicycle usage and application. Traveling by bicycle has become so fundamental to my life that it recently influenced my relocation to the bike-friendly city of Portland, OR.

The yearning to travel was instilled upon me from an early age. Growing up I spent a great deal of time traveling to other countries with my parents in a modest fashion. I learned to appreciate other cultures and people for our many differences and our even greater commonalities. My enjoyment of traveling has recently been rekindled after studying abroad in Mexico and further exploration of the region after graduation. The time I spent there allowed me many opportunities to delve into the Spanish language and to truly communicate with people on a more intimate level than my college courses allowed. I cherish my ability to communicate and connect with people from vastly different backgrounds.

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