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Website Changeover

  • Decide on new website CMS
  • Test and customize new CMS with input from departments
  • Move content that we're keeping over
  • Create and enter new content
  • Make live


  • Get input from everyone for general interests for website, includes scheduling and mtgs. (4 hrs) DONE
  • Get input from departments re: what they want relating to their areas on the website
    • Focus them on the audience: potential volunteers? donors?
    • Also ask departments to send in favorite/hated websites and why. Review sites at a meeting.
  • Develop colors/general site images/branding DONEish
    • Create/invite parties to half-hour discussion of branding DONE
    • Invite graphic designer to help DONE
  • Get someone experienced in changing Wordpress backends (3+ hrs) DONE
  • Create skeleton of new site structure and get input (3 hours) DONE
  • Schedule and meet with graphic designer (2 hours) IN PROG
  • Port website content and new pages to wiki (3-4 hrs) IN PROG
  • Interview all committees (3.5 including indiv. talks) IN PROG
    • document input (1.5 hrs) IN PROG
  • Assign pages to content updaters/writers (2 hrs)
  • Update/write pages (5 hrs)
  • Checkin with aaron (1 hr)
  • Poke photo takers/take photos (2.5 hrs)
    • edit photos for web (2 hrs)
  • Check in on volunteers regularly (3 hrs total)
  • check design and update 2 or 3 times (1.5 hrs each time)
  • Poke staff contributors (1 hr)
  • Checkin with committees on content (2 hrs)
    • Additional content editing after this input (2 hrs)
  • Checkin with aaron - ready for content? (2)
  • Port stuff over to /blog (5 hrs)
  • Test functionalities with PR/staff (4 hrs)
  • Iron out wrinkles (4 hrs)
  • Technocrats do something magic to make it go live
  • Document how to make changes for admins and volunteers (3 hrs)


  • Organize documentation (on wiki and in fgstaff- consult with someone) (2.5 h) IN PROG
  • Teach someone how to change greeting and administrate mboxen (2, 2-3 h sessions, then check in) IN PROG
  • Teach someone how to configure phone system IN PROG


  • Improve experience for volunteer interns
  • Gain fewer but better quality interns
  • Support staff more through entire process
  • Update documentation


  • Remind staff to check in on interns
  • Remind staff to complete required paperwork
  • Check if staff have needs
  • If there's room for new intern, ask if anyone wants one
  • Cull job descriptions
  • Develop and post new job descriptions

Intern Outreach

  • Acquire quality interns


Dependency: New interns are desired and staff is ready for them DONE

  • Arrange and talk to Molly of Restore to get ideas on outreach methods (2 h) DONE
  • Talk to other non-profits, too? Ask friends where they'd go to look for volunteer opportunities (1 h) IN PROG
  • Create/update online profiles for: (3 h) Always IN PROG
    • Craigslist
    • Volunteer here
    • Idealist
    • Volunteer match
    • PSU
    • PCC
    • Reed
    • Lewis & Clark
    • Hands on Portland?
  • Update wiki page for volunteer recruitment: specialized volunteers ONGOING
  • Make a spreadsheet of good potential contacts (2.5 h) NEXT
  • Create and use calendaring software to stay on top of postings (dude.) Using wiki.

Media Kit

  • Create physical and online media kit



Dependency: New website is closer/decided upon

  • Possibly get input from non-profits about online kits
  • Create outline for online media kit
  • Consult with Matteo about how to mesh kit with new website
  • Create/edit copy for kit
  • show to outreach, get suggestions on content and organization
  • Make changes as suggested by committee
  • Put kit up on new website
  • Get input from outreach committee and a graphical designer on design
  • Make changes as suggested, consult with Matteo to change backend if necessary
  • Document overview of contents and updating instructions


  • Create calendaring system (new project management software? google? paper?) DONE
  • Weekly: create/adjust timeline (1 h)