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  • KBOO show
  • receiving
  • finish phones: replace ext. labels, final set copy, re-recorded staff directory message, change keys on fd phone, remind users to set up voicemail, need mbox for serge, looked through phones queue, updated ticket
  • silent auction: wrap-up. calls, tell nathan to pick up unsold.
  • adoption classes for next 2 weeks. talked to liane, emailed rob.
  • health plan: searched for and emailed a dump to laurel and richard
  • front desk. found wormhole in credit card machine.


  • Build shift: got a build assistant, Gutsy/burmese/libdvd installs
  • prebuild
  • silent auction: hunting people down
  • Leo fund: sent out donation jar materials
  • SVN issues: found martin to fix 'em


  • website: old news to new pages, update leo page, first-pass update of staff page
  • read/respond to emails
  • Subs: asked ebeth about fd
  • facilities: upstairs phone/network cable stringing (didn't finish)
  • advanced adoption class: back-up/tech support, discussed sound dampening
  • sergio review: filled out


  • receiving - 2 shifts
  • finished up leo donation jar
  • read email
  • leo fund: pass off big donor
  • silent auction: re-contact winners
  • Talked to Tony, recorded in RT
  • Found kegs, gave Liane info about return


  • receiving
  • email: read/respond
  • set up office a little: networking, terminal
  • receiving-donation form: made changes, then matteo said reuse wanted it different, then passed off to reuse
  • advanced adoption class signup sheet: added questions
  • Michael/Kyr and insurance broker re: Leo insurance
  • front desk
  • media mentions on website
  • word press: looked around, made list of desired features of new site
  • Commies mtg.


  • HR mtg
  • build wkshop
  • read email/respond
  • filled out darryl review
  • update outreach RT queue
  • room use request: start to figure out if recurring mtg. can happen
  • starting to wrap up leo details
  • PR meeting minder response


  • front desk
  • sort out sms intern & call sms
  • reply to tony re: pse computers
  • action mtg.
  • clarify job description
  • record phone greeting
  • backup for adoption class
  • talk to michael about topics to teach in adoption class to head off tech support calls
  • replenish hardware grant handouts


  • staff mtg.
  • receiving
  • arrange soap donation
  • nathan: art take-down - find matteo for dates
  • meeting room phone admin
  • read through kaiser medical plan details


  • chat with matthew about incident in store, changes at free geek, and future of his volunteer time


  • receiving
  • set up google alerts to comb for "Free Geek"
  • volunteer letter for court
  • talked to kathie about future of her job
  • researched and called Elders in Action
  • Researched and began documenting linux publishing programs for adopters and IPRC tour
  • front desk
  • room use request/linux clinic chaperone arrangement/communications


  • build workshop
  • finished desktop publishing documentation
  • PR meeting reminder
  • talked w/jeff about citywide wifi project
  • HR meeting
  • got really, really tired


  • Front desk
  • Modems: sent email to production, but thought twice about that later, sent email to adoption teachers to watch out and install if necessary
  • resolution meeting
  • worked on project plans for job tasks
  • listened in on adoption class
  • made contact with potential linux clinic chaperone
  • updated outreach page so people could find those in subcommittees
  • began using project management software for job tasks - exhausting


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • cleaned out and started putting office together
  • emailed reuse: notification of spec increases
  • emailed inreach/kbees: who's in charge of vol. packets?
  • called back voc. rehab - message
  • called potential intern - scheduled meeting
  • called kaiser people: check deductions for cliff/forrest
  • found old kaiser invoices for richard: oso healthcare
  • replied to a few emails: outreach, PSE freekbox
  • read office cood resumes


  • Replied to C7 email
  • Read email


  • Front desk
  • Read/reply to a few emails
  • Work out internship sharing with Laurel
  • Figure out what mtgs. Sam chaperones. Email.
  • RT queue for internships/cleaned out email list
  • More front desk
  • Commies meeting


  • Build workshop
  • Read email
  • Start creating calendar/timeline for projects
  • Call another vol. cood to meet for advice
  • Talk to Laurel about next internship steps
  • register for conference this Sat.
  • Prebuild


  • Action meeting
  • Read email
  • Interviewed new volunteer intern
  • Made small box of tabling supplies
  • Talked about office cood. candidates
  • Schedule time to talk to another vol. cood about outreach methods
  • Map out schedule to talk about internships with staff
  • calendaring/planning
  • Support Adoption Teacher: install modems, DVD player


  • staff meeting
  • hug sergio
  • receiving
  • talk with Kathie about her job and record notes
  • talk with Michael K. about tabling on Tuesday
  • talk with Marie about quilting project and timing
  • Email inreach to pimp quilting project to volunteers
  • Culled paper and email intern forms
  • Created/sent Intern Talks schedule request to schedulers
  • cleaned/organized ryukin home directory a bit
  • Composed/sent email to Linux Clinic key requestor
  • Researched nonprofit contacts for media kit/made spreadsheet
  • recorded hours


  • outreach meeting
  • lots and lots of front desk (trained marykate)
  • intern with Jeff
  • mediated dispute from thrift store


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • health plan: marykate and forrest
  • website maintenance: posted store internship
  • recruitment: asked ian to maintain website
  • media kit: requested kits from local non-profits
  • media kit/website: PSU business intern? request emailed
  • prebuild
  • Interns: schedule meetings with staff


  • internship creation: distro meeting talk
  • internships: talked to laurel 'bout program
  • leo fund: gathered info, began updating website
  • adoption class support: codecs, modems
  • media kit: returned phone call from non-profit pr person
  • vol. outreach: returned phone call from another vol. cood.
  • internships: more staff scheduling for intern talk


  • staff meeting
  • receiving


  • front desk (2 shifts)
  • media kit: replied to IRCO PR person
  • internships: web page commented out, worked through RT queue, let staff know re: Jim and David


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • HR minutes
  • worked on stalled computer in build workshop
  • talked to jeff about offsite donations, website
  • outreach: gave brochures to hawthorne hostel worker, discussed IPRC tour
  • roomuse: usergroup contact, updated wiki
  • interns: talked with luiz
  • prebuild


  • action meeting
  • interns: talked with Ali
  • planning: updated calendar and project plan
  • adoption class assist
  • interns: talk with matteo
  • talk with laurel re: adoption, interns, scp-ing to ryukin
  • leo page
  • vol. outreach: reviewed and made some changes to vol. recruitment wiki page


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • vol. outreach: met with molly from restore (not incredibly informative for vol. outreach like i thought, but interesting to learn how things work there)
  • website maintenance: kboo show on media.php and pressreleases index, specs, some stats
  • phones: make RT ticket for a couple things needed
  • outreach: emergency ad for resource guide


  • front desk - lots
  • mini-outreach meeting
  • email
  • pr: respond to cable TV station re: showing FG movie
  • pr: prep and send ad for redirect guide
  • lotsa folks were sick, and i didn't want to get that way, so i took a nice nap


  • emails
  • build workshop
  • web maintenance: removed store intern
  • hiring: talked over front desk internship description/hiring with MK
  • documentation: looked through old deadtrees docs
  • prebuild


  • HR meeting
  • emails/looking at FG Vancouver stuff
  • phones: go over needs, make RT tickets, call out for more stuff to do from staff
  • internships: start in on template for job descriptions
  • media kit: re-emailed other non-profits requesting kits
  • adoption class: teaching backup, check in with teacher
  • media/website: GROW conference notes to outreach committee
  • internships: sent schedule requests for rest of staff to schedulers
  • media kit: re-sent media kit request email
  • health: filed all old invoices, email about filing in the future
  • action: email: pulling out of committee
  • volunteer outreach: printed and prepped docs for hardware grants (printers very slow - ugh)


  • staff meeting
  • media kit: some responses, record info in spreadsheet
  • front desk
  • receiving


  • read email
  • newsletter: call for items
  • outreach: schedule request to change meeting time
  • web maintenance: call for staff page updates, added darryl
  • web maintenance: email about staff.php formatting change
  • doc maintenance: poked inreach to change adoption/build packet specs
  • front desk
  • media kit: called FOT outreach cood: message
  • phones: voicemailbox for MK, user instrux email sent
  • resolution committee meeting
  • more front desk
  • phones: asked MK to learn how to record greetings
  • outreach: commented on staff restructuring survey


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • recruitment: told a couple bright builders about opportunities in tech support
  • scheduling phone meeting and fd intern meetings with MK
  • internships: finished taking notes on intern supervisors
  • internships: poked production for internship descriptions - pointed to templated job description wiki pages
  • newsletter
  • prebuild


  • inservice day
  • special tour: confirmed with IPRC


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • fd hiring: teach MK and post jobs, plan to meet about q's/criteria on Tuesday at 10am (MK going to wake tomorrow)
  • website maintenance: marykate on staff page
  • website maintenance: posted front desk internship on jobs page/front page
  • prebuild


  • fd hiring: printed resumes, checked in with MK, hard copy on front board
  • outreach: IPRC tour - prep and taught FOSS desktop programs
  • internships: faxed jim hartman eval into sms (tried - fax issues)
  • newsletter
  • website: make tentative meeting plans/send email
  • hours: record most of month


  • front desk
  • check email
  • look over schedule from richard
  • outreach: get contract from small cable channel signed for video showing
  • priorities meeting


  • build class
  • HR meeting
  • phones: taught MK to change greetings. she'll be updating the docs soon
  • phones: emailed our phone guy to get info/come add phone
  • prebuild
  • internships: emailed voc. rehab counselor back


  • hiring: made criteria/q's, doled out tasks with MK
  • internships: talk with richard
  • hiring: printing stuff (damn
  • health: forrest signed health continuation waiver
  • adoption teachers' meeting
  • schedule thing for richard
  • website: redesign meeting


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • outreach: sent FG video to small cable station
  • interns: faxed sms volunteer evals to sms
  • adoption class: created goals with Rob
  • newsletter: finished and sent out
  • front desk


  • front desk, front desk
  • outreach meeting
  • internships: meet with jeff and dave
  • internships: get laurel old intern contract, a little update to intern schedule
  • outreach: updated state of onion
  • more front desk
  • commies mtg.


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • web maintenance: sales@ off page, hardware grants updates
  • fd hiring: printed resumes
  • media kit: replied to SOLV contact, got some materials from them
  • media outreach: arranged FedEx for DVD to TV station
  • printer plea: michael, please, please set up office printer on network??
  • adoption intern: filled out eval w/laurel, talked to rob
  • calendaring/planning for big projects for next few weeks
  • internships: recorded an interview on wiki
  • prebuild
  • commies: sam got his key for usergroups


  • internships: update timeline and rob c
  • Internships: record interview with dave/jeff
  • commies: leo's birthday room use request confirmation
  • commies: projector lending arranging
  • internships: wikify intern job descriptions (start), update template with matteo, clean out old descriptions page, brain bursting (
  • outreach: got business card files into outreach directory
  • website: email to staff re: website look/feel
  • adoption class
  • read email


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • helped with donor who'd mistakenly donated a 500GB hard drive
  • fd hiring: print resumes, thin resumes
  • internships: interviewed potential intern with richard
  • internships: more wikifying of intern job descriptions, doc cleanup
  • front desk


  • fd hiring: call to schedule interviews


  • front desk
  • internships: talked with michael
  • fd hiring: confirmed interview list with MK
  • phones: set up meeting for friday with phone guy
  • front desk again
  • outreach: fixed up some materials and uploaded to wiki


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • discuss build paperwork, earth day tabling w/jeff
  • spaceusage: fwd possible workbench pics to jeff/matteo
  • inreach: respond to offer of more healthy food pickups from volunteer
  • website: put call for input on staff agenda
  • website: put changeover brainstorm on wiki for later use
  • internships: more wikifying job descriptions
  • fd hiring: interviews


  • fd hiring: interviews - 4 of 'em
  • taught MK to configure email client
  • volunteer cood: called back community service volunteer
  • internships: updating process docs
  • volunteer cood.: nancy m. volunteer can only wk. fd. coordinated with MK
  • pr: sticker search/research
  • website: asked designer friend to help
  • website: asked wordpress nerd friend to help
  • internships: print intern descriptions for staff mtg.
  • internships: schedule request for mtg.s with serge, MK
  • website maintenance: updated friends link and donate page
  • volunteer outreach: printed brochures for hardware grants


  • staff mtg.
  • receiving
  • intern: talked with laurel about rob c.
  • phones: talked with gordon and matteo about updates needed, made plan. gordon back on Wed.
  • phones: documented new info, checked up on some configs.
  • front desk
  • big picture: talked about staff hours increases with richard/MK


  • website: schedule look/feel and brainstorm meetings, announce
  • website: reply to wordpress designer
  • commies: linux clinic key mess


  • front desk
  • internships: finished updating volunteer internships on wiki
  • documentation: started making receiving-donation form
  • internships: talked briefly with laurel and serge
  • project planning: added to calendar and todo list
  • pr: email to printshop
  • pr: chinook book call dawn, email reuse
  • website: talked to graphic designer about coming to meeting


  • HR meeting
  • build wkshop
  • infrastructure sysadmin: worked on staff laptop
  • interns: talked with MK and laurel
  • interns: recorded small amt. of info from mtg. on wiki
  • phones: checked in with matteo, who helped gordon install phones, made todo list for documenting and finishing up configuration
  • phone documentation: closed some RT tickets, made a couple tickets, email to serge - supplies needed from phone supplier, updated phones/info
  • prebuild: check in
  • pr: sent in sticker order/graphic


  • website change: reminder re: look/feel meeting
  • internships: show laurel how to post descriptions online
  • pr: talked to quincy re: documentary
  • internships: descriptions on website, tweaked template and some descriptions on wiki
  • adoption class
  • scheduling: asked joe rowe to teach for me next week and sent reminder email to him
  • project planning: updated calendar
  • website changeover: look/feel meeting


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • phones: clean phones, new buttons, set copy, delete some mailboxen, configure prebuild phone, print extension lists, accidentally delete and re-record CCR tree including staff directory (oops! it's fine now), updated a couple info messages in the process, documented changes on wiki/ryukin/RT
  • outreach/docs: email some files to self for possible work at home
  • outreach: emailed luiz redirect guide credit amount for store


  • phones: replaced extension lists, reprogrammed and replaced labels for fd phones, fixed mk's ringing problem, added a little to howto because jacob wanted the instrux
  • front desk
  • documentation: finished donation slip and uploaded to wiki
  • internships/commies: emailed PSU community development fair contact
  • internships: a few updates to internship process wiki pages
  • front desk again
  • vol. recruit: printed brochures for hardware grants
  • put up shelf in office, cleaned up
  • outreach: printed brochures


  • laurel review
  • health plan: filed invoices
  • hours
  • stuff to MK to file
  • website: reminder email to core
  • adoption class: reminder email to joe/teacher for tomorrow, answered some of his questions
  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • internships: edited internships index - ready to start outreaching!
  • website changeover: emailed graphic designer and wordpress hack for appointments
  • website changeover: made first draft of structure and got some input from jeff
  • prebuild
  • freakin' laptop freezing - worked on it
  • website changeover: met with chuck l.
  • commies: linux clinic key/closing meeting scheduling


  • sick
  • white cell committee: watched dr who and rome and drank fluids


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • sick
  • website changeover: confirm meeting tomorrow with designer
  • commies: confirm meeting with linux clinic keyholders
  • HR: updated HR calendar, sent results to committee
  • pr: chinook book coupon poke to committee
  • some project planning: todo list, etc.


  • commies: showed linux clinic keyholders around
  • internships: started posting internships online - craigslist, psu, pcc, wiserearth, volunteermatch, idealist; documented
  • action: new ticket - update closing wiki page
  • pr: called back quincy re: documentary
  • read email
  • pr: budget for chinook book coupon
  • commies: looked over banner designs
  • commies: created new flier for earth day tabling, with original file from Laurel.
  • pr: pokey email to sticker makers


  • pr: adjust settings on wiserearth thingy
  • internships: prep for staff mtg.
  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • internships: notified SMS and PCC Sylvania Computer Science dept. that we're back online
  • internships: emailed Lewis and Clark re: outreach
  • internships: posted internships on reed, UO, and
  • internships: confirmed and schedule request for internships fair on 16th at psu
  • internships: scheduled interview with prospective intern
  • talked to random former volunteer who wanted to know about abstract video production in open source
  • pr: emailed jeff and interested volunteers about documentarians, who'll be here tomorrow to film
  • commies: forwarded tabling opportunity to Bob Griggs
  • commies: uploaded toxins tabling file to wiki, laminated 2 copies for tabling materials
  • front desk


  • webchange: scheduled meeting time for graphic designer, heard that wordpress guy can't do it


  • front desk
  • internships: helped interview and process intern
  • internships: reply to 3 org.s (Confederated tribes, PCC Work force, and SMS) about meeting about program
  • inreach: designed volunteer pin
  • internships: updated timelines/RT/tips
  • front desk
  • commies: printed brochures like crazy


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • web maintenance: data security, updated internship
  • internships: created and posted wordpress internship on our website
  • internships: division of labor with laurel, changed some tickets in RT
  • prebuild
  • inreach: re-sent electronic copy of volunteer pin design
  • update project plan/calendaring


  • internships: clarify outreach methods with reed, pcc, documented
  • internships: got back to a couple applicants, scheduled interview
  • volunteer program: talked with pcc project enterprise about getting volunteers
  • cleaned out rolodex for easier internship outreach later
  • pr: picked up and distributed some stickers
  • commies: prepped earth day tabling materials
  • internships: prepped internship fair tabling materials
  • web chage: talked w/ matteo re: web skeleton
  • web maintenance: updated keywords
  • internships: reposted internships on craigslist, posted new internship widely, emailed friend to help find wordpress hack


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • staff meeting minutes (edited for lists/sent out)
  • website changeover: wikify draft structure, ask potential content-writer volunteers for help
  • web change: talked to ali about getting input from departments/committees


  • front desk
  • internships: reply to some, get back to wordpress volunteer - schedule meeting, send rejections to other wordpress applicants, schedule interview with HS build applicant
  • internships: poke michael and laurel re: updating intern schedule, laurel re: posting teaching internship
  • internships: took wordpress internship down widely and on our site, updated intern schedule
  • internships: commented out retention and tech support internships for now
  • front desk
  • outreach w/ ali: website meetings? yes. how's earth day planning? fine, but need vol w/truck on sat.


  • intern fair at PSU
  • web skeleton draft 3
  • commies: tabling display idea
  • commies: called hollywood farmers' mkt for tabling for Bob G.
  • internships: met with someone from new external program: siletz tribes
  • prebuild
  • commies: print hardware grants outreach docs


  • internships: met with marietta from SMS
  • read email
  • website maintenance: earth day mentions, may 1 vacation
  • internships: rescheduled interview
  • commies: prep hardware grants outreach docs
  • phones: taught MK to change greetings (practice), add/del mailboxen, some config stuff, then documented
  • education: talked with adoption class intern, filled out some paperwork
  • website changeover: draft 3 on wiki


  • staff meeting
  • receiving
  • website change: met with wordpress hack, matteo, martin
  • internships: interviewed new printer intern, documented
  • internships: re-contacted prospective intern
  • pr: got chinook book contract signed
  • helped at front desk a little
  • action/outreach: made draft proposal of truck sign design
  • internships: reposted to craigslist


  • website changeover meeting with ali
  • front d
  • internships: replied to 3, talked to Steps to Success supervisor
  • web change: sent out minutes/tasks, updated web structure
  • web change: grande RT tickets/emails to standing committees, email to webadmin re: accounts on test site/blog and next steps
  • internships: screened azsemar -> advanced testing
  • front desk


  • HR meeting
  • build workshop
  • truck graphic: consensus, found some graphics, sent to designer, met with designer
  • pr: made new vector version of fg logo
  • prebuild
  • web change: listed functions of proposed pages for developer, emailed out


  • talked with intern rob c.
  • internships: organized, documented, called to change interview time for 2 interns
  • internships: interviewed and processed intern, let staff know what interns we have
  • internships: started long process of posting rest of internships online
  • internships: got signature for and faxed in work site agreement for siletz tribes
  • fire: checked out floor plan, called fire dept., no answer
  • hours


  • staff meeting
  • receiving shift
  • health: martin sign form, let kaiser know when to take him off, updated continuation form
  • web change: discussed how to organize new content
  • let front d and vol.@ know how to process service learning vol.s, changed documentation
  • fire: called and received call from fire inspector re: rollup door, sent answer to staff
  • tried to sort out possible interning-here-without-applying issue, to be continued...
  • front desk
  • commies: tabling opportunity - emailed
  • pr: website updated w/ media mention


  • outreach meeting
  • front desk
  • commies: connect with coalition for livable future
  • website redesign: reminder email for graphic design mtg. tomorrow
  • internships: call IRCO counselor re: intern, sent email
  • front desk
  • talked to rob c. intern
  • website changeover: kbees meeting - discussed, documented, made new wiki pages, alerted kbees, recorded in RT
  • talked to ken about noise from his area, sent email to staff
  • truck design: talked with designer, emailed ali and liane
  • project planning: redid most, put on calendar


  • HR meeting
  • build wkshop
  • interviewed intern
  • replied to intern app.
  • volunteer issue: talked to volunteer and documented
  • website change: met with graphic designer
  • revamped job description
  • HR/minutes minutes
  • taught Laurel to put new folks on the health plan
  • left message for wordpress developer


  • website: talked with technocrats, recorded notes
  • website: looked over possible new themes with matteo
  • internships: updated RT tickets
  • internships: responded to incoming app.s
  • front desk
  • phones: trained MK
  • front desk
  • phones: sched. request for phones training
  • internships: posted some online


  • intern: turned down intern, documented
  • newsletter: call for articles
  • started moving and deleting files in home directory
  • intern: scheduled interview
  • website: talked with aaron, sent a couple emails, chose calendar
  • prebuild
  • website: looked around on test site


  • interns: posted rest of internships online, talked to laurel
  • website: made a billion pages on the test site
  • website: made a billion pages on the wiki for content
  • website: talked to some folks about URL formatting, sent an email, vagrant on email list, emailed photog.


  • staff mtg.
  • receiving
  • phones training with MK and darryl
  • webchange: moved some content over to wiki
  • got really tired
  • front desk