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Tasks I'm working on as Hardware Grants Coordinator that aren't recorded on my job description/need greater detail for practical purposes:

  • Update the website with successfully completed grants. See
  • Forward hardware grant requests from PPS schools to Jed Gilchrist jgilchri at pps dot k12 dot or dot us, senior manager of techinical operations at Portland Public Schools. He is to know of PPS requests BEFORE we act on them, and we need to hear from him BEFORE we act on the requests!
  • Updating the hardware grants application using Lime Survey
  • Periodically collecting satisfaction reports from past grant recipients
    • 1st round: February 4th, 2010 (e-mailed to recipients who got grants in the past two years) I created a report with the data from this one
    • 2nd round: August 10th, 2010 (e-mailed to recipients who got grants in the past five months)
  • Work with Hardware Grants volunteer Tom to create a mural for outreach purposes
  • Regularly check in on waiting list gizmos to ensure items marked ready are actually there
    • Example: A comment in RT says "3 laptops ready" but only 2 are there
  • Make comments in RT for LCDs and CRTs that are ready
  • Re-allocate items that have been over-allocated
    • Example: An organization requests 3 LCDs, the maximum; but 4 are ready on the shelf. I will re-allocate the 4th.
  • Re-stock hardware grants goods, including keyboards, mice, cables, etc.
  • Take note of what we can/can't give out, keep volunteers in the loop
    • Example: we currently have a CRT shortage, so I made a waiting list that hardware grants folks use
    • RAM
    • HDDs
    • Network devices
    • Etc.
  • Maintain positive professional relationships with past grant recipients
    • E-mails asking how their computers are working out with invitations to tech support for issues
    • Asking if they need anything else
    • Not making them fill out tickets over and over when we can just re-open them
    • Going off-site when appropriate to take classes, check out computer labs, etc.
  • Work with Dave to make FG-PDX reports - ask Dave about this one
  • Verify data entry is being completed accurately by volunteers and myself occasionally by double-checking the database
    • Merging, editing, or deleting disbursements when necessary
  • Put FREE GEEK stickers on laptops

Looking in my home folder on ryukin may yield some useful documents, not too sure about this, but just in case something's missing.

NOTE: A lot of procedures CAN BE CHANGED just through discussion - the only "policy" we have is the 3 laptops/LCDs per 90 days policy. Discussion with volunteers, interns, and other staff can help better hardware grants, AND changing things in the production meeting or holding special hardware grants meetings.