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I'm Will Irace, AKA volunteer number #57415. I first volunteered here in October 2007: I'm a reasonably advanced and well rounded geek, but a total FG newbie.

Life outside Free Geek

Stuff I know how to do that might be useful

  • Teach
  • Write
  • Learn
  • Take apart stuff and put it back together: Macs, PC's, servers, laptops, whatever.
  • Build and run blogs, wikis, forums
  • Set up and run linux servers and desktops (Windows too but who cares?)
  • Build, run and secure networks
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting

Contact me

My goals as a Free Geek volunteer

  1. First things first
    • Learn the culture
    • Learn the processes by volunteering all over
    • Contribute to the wiki
  2. See which of my wacky ideas have merit; help implement the good ones
  3. Teach
    • Office Hours!
    • Linux
    • Welcome to Free Geek
    • Wiki editing basics and advanced tricks
    • Whatever else
  4. Conduct tours, make things better, attend meetings &c.

My Free Geek experience so far