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My Front Desk Training Guide


  • Community Court Timesheets, email front desk and convert it to .odt from doc and put it on deadtrees.
  • Train a few regular volunteer on Front Desk.
  • Clean out Deadtrees
  • Make sure all recycled systems are entered into the database.
  • Look into insurance quotes for vehicle. IP (action has to answer my email)
  • Create standardized procedure for doc flow (starting with matching up Calbag Metals) Look at [[Receiving and Paying Bills]
  • Create a wiki page with instructions on handling pre-paid, invoice, ect.
  • organize binders under the desk.
  • put the recycle at work logo on our website.

Front Desk

  • Task division and check list for Kathie and Front Desk Intern
  • Write up a plan for splitting the front desk duties and then physical vision for the future.
  • Fix checkin board


  • Dana's review.
  • Hiring committee for Office Coordinator.
  • Shawn and Dave's review.


  • Work on tours wiki page and incorporate Kathie's feedback.
  • Orient new tour guides and add them to the email list.
  • Check out scribe website on wiki


Further Reading

  1. Manual of Style
  2. Guide to writing better articles
  3. What is really awesome anyways?