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What I'm working on right now

I'm keeping a journal of my Mac adventures.

Ping: Not dead yet - 28 Sep 2012

My pages

NetInstall Links

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To Do
Various not-quite-random things that need attention

  • Flesh out Mac Rebuild section
  • Add a section about OpenFirmware
  • Fill in all Tips 'n Tricks page items
  • Develop policy for upstart runlevel handling; FG boot menu with rescue, new-user options
  • Use local ppc repository when available for net install
  • Add platform recognition/customization to netboot installation (post-install?)
  • Explore external modem use on Macs with no-internal-modem problem
  • Develop MacBuild volunteer policies/practices and sign-up sheet
  • Redefine MacTriage to include powerup test and some disk wipe
  • Implement basiccheck for Macs
  • Update process docs/diagrams