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Level 1 Human Geek


Neutral Good

  • STR - 10
  • CON - 11
  • DEX - 10
  • INT - 11
  • WIS - 10
  • CHA - 9


You see a 6'0 human male. He has short, dark hair and is wearing a green tunic emblazoned with the logo 'FREE GEEK.' He wears a lanyard about his neck, on which he carries two keys. His stride is that of a normal human.

Walter can frequently be found wandering the halls of Free Geek, offering support and encouragement to the native volunteers, or occasionally scavenging the Thrift Store for trinkets to add to his ever-expanding junk-hoard.


If attacked, Walter will defend himself with his primary appendages.

  • Unarmed Attack - 1d4 blunt damage

Additionally, if Walter can find a weapon nearby, he will use it to defend himself, or to hurl at encroaching adventurers.

  • E-Plastic sword attack - 1d8 slashing damage
  • Hurl Incoming Donation - 1d6 ranged damage

Because Walter's natural habitat is frequently covered in computer dust, he benefits from a 25% mitigation to all dust-based damage. He is immune to the Stinking Cloud spell.

If defeated, a cornered Walter will concede the contents of his pockets, which is usually a random level 1 treasure, and 1d4 x 2 gold pieces.

Have ye Questions? Send Walter ye Electronicke Scroll