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Hey Iain,

When signing your comments. Use three or four squiggles like this:


That turns automatically into a signature that links back to your home page. Four squiggles shoss your name and the date. Three, just your name.

RfS 08:53, 27 Jun 2006 (PDT)

*hits head* Doh! I forgot to do that on the last message that I wrote. Thanks for the reminder. :)

--Iain-Davidson 23:29, 28 Jun 2006 (PDT)

hey, i've noticed you've made lots of changes to the freegeek bellingham pages. very cool that you've got so much going on. but i've also noticed you often make many separate changes over then course of 5 minutes. maybe making more frequent use of the "Show preview" feature (right next to the "Save page" button) could reduce it to fewer commits.

Vagrant 00:55, 4 Sep 2006 (PDT)

I agree with Vagrents opinion stated above.

Matteo 22:33, 4 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Actually I do. :-) And with using tables, it's difficult to see the updates without resaving the whole page.

Two other 2 cents..

  1. If you are looking at 'recent edits' just 'Hide minor edits' to make the list shorter.
  2. I'm planning on moving the FG Bellingham pages to a different site, since obviously I do alot of edits here which aren't connected to FG Portland. So I thought to move off some of my traffic/edits elsewhere... but still all 'OpenSourced....

Thanks for the comments and heads up,

--Iain-Davidson 01:36, 5 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Iain's TODO

  • Find Animated GIF of Man walking (in ASCII art)
  • Create 'color' or 'raised' info box look, via Templates.
  • See if printable:[[Main_Page&printable=yes]] Works.
Verified works in the latest version, catch is that the full URL needs to be written out.
i.e. [ Print Main page]

MediaWiki version

MediaWiki 1.4.4 (running on this site)

Is badly out of date, update as soon as possible.

1.4.6 released on 2005-07-07
   MediaWiki 1.4.6 is a stable series security and bugfix release.
   For details of this and all earlier releases, please see the old main page at 

Release notes at:

Download available at:

Examples of New ID Templates


  • {{RightTOC}}
    • Desc: Puts table of contents on Right hand side.

Great floating box

Standardizes Table contents look across site

Allows customization across site, if choose to change look.

Great for pages with lots of sub-sections

Removes extra 'top space' needed for large TOC's.

Uses under-utilized Right-hand side of pages.



how to spell "propagating"

Yo, Iain:

I moved the misspelled version of the page, made sure that nothing linked to it, deleted the redirect page, and then you recreated the old misspelled one with a comment. So now I've recreated the redirect page, inadvertantly overwriting your comment in the misspelled version.

RfS 08:51, 24 Jul 2006 (PDT)

I had actually clicked on a link in one of the wiki pages with meeting minutes.

Hmmm... I don't know where that was, but the "What links here" page doesn't point to anything (besides my link just above). Maybe it was in an email or the list archives?

RfS 08:21, 25 Jul 2006 (PDT)