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Overtime priorities jan 2012

make a todo list and

reevaluate my priorities in printerland.

I intend to contemplate the implications of Gentech surplus,

changing their schedule and how my schedule needs to change. - more space. - half hour on tuesdays (to communicate and triage large printers) 2:30-5:30 Fridays for documentation and triage. i can still help close recycling but should not be relied on for operation.

Email Brian with concerns about guapo discount relative to changed schedule.

I need to put in a request to be scheduled for regular time to administrate printerland and bulk sales.

I intend to update documentation on the 5 bulk buyers and toner sales.

I intend to prepare a summary for Brian.

I intend to file a "state of the onion" report.

+reuse Report posted to state of the onion and emailed to production. -bulk sales report needed


Additionally I will try to get a meeting with Brian in the next few weeks which may be outside of my usual schedule of floor work.

==Printer reuse program status.