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Bilaws changes, FG Council transition and new board of directors

Notes from meeting with about process, structure and content of the new Annual Town Hall Meetings.

time 0 convening the meeting facilitator introduce the agenda and groundrules, including brevity and "voice only" roles focusing room attention
x min reports c d e
x min break c d e
x min Q & A c d e
x min Nominee Introductions c d e
x min lunch c d e
x min after-lunch milling around c d the feel of a cocktail party with relaxed, but serious discussion sans alcohol
x min reconvene the plenum c d e
x min small group discussion c d e
x min report-backs c d e
x min short break c d e
x min closing c d e
4 hours since start opening ballot box c cutting ribbon e

My sense from reading wiki pages....

Are there too many categories? Maybe some of the advantages of having categories get lost when there are too many? Or maybe like an index, the important thing is being able to look up categories, whether or not you can see them all on one page.

--kathey 01:03, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

How I edit wiki pages

When I add category tags, or create a new category (like Category:Space Use), I select the check box "This is a minor edit". And I am doing a lot of categorizing! So if you want to check out my changes to pages, it may be easier to filter out these minor edits. If my edits change meaning, I am not calling them minor edits. For example, when I save this comment, I will not call it a minor edit, because it adds meaningful content. --ks 19:10, 19 June 2009 (UTC)