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troublemaker? --Ideath

Is there still doubt?


Couple Wiki questions.

  1. I tried to make a new category, "AboutFG", for broad info about us. But the links to it on several of the pages are broken, and go straight to the "edit" page instead of working how a category link should. What did I do wrong?
  2. Curious, because I set up my own wiki on my FreekBox. Did you set up a caching system to boost performance? Mine is slow, even though on a fastish box with 512 MB RAM. Curious what I can do.

The following pages all usually have the broken category link. Sometimes in a different font. Thanks for checking. Pete 16:18, 4 Jan 2006 (PST)

Press Kit, Organizational Narrative, Where the Money Comes From, Stats and Testimonials, Tour Howto

Well Michael it's a mystery. Once I log out, the problem goes away, but it's still there when I log back in. I've explicitly cleared my cache several times, and also used entirely different browsers (Firefox, Enlightenment, Safari.) on various Macs and Linux PCs. 80% of the time the link is broken, no pattern to which page it's broken from. (I edited my earlier post, above, to reflect this.) Don't worry about it for the moment, I'll try to figure it out myself and report back to you. Thanks for checking it out. (Unless there's something obviously wrong with what I did to create the category...I just made a [[Category:AboutFG]] tag in a few pages.) --Pete 22:23, 4 Jan 2006 (PST)

Old Policy

In response to delegating old Policies.

I beleave we should keep all our of date policy documented, or easy linked to, on the wiki. I and others have not had the time to start documenting policy that is defunct, therefor there there is not a standard to follow to do this. What do you think would a good way to document policy that is defunct.

changing passwords