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hi vagrant,

I'm so pleased there are modern day luddites about.

i just found your command line wikimedia project and i think i'll give it a whirl soon. i am tempted to take your .deb class but i think it would be way over my head.

i am trying to find something interesting to say about your mini-essay on the user page, as this interplay between technology and society is one of my main interests. right now all i can think of is "yeah, what you said."

--Pete 11:16, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)

Show preview


Thanks for the comments. And yes, frequently I use 'Show Preview' when working on the pages. Unfortunately, some of my recent work has been in 'sections' of the page which have special table formatting before and after. So I preview doesn't work so hot. Also, during that time, I was changing my mind on how it would look or read like. I ended up trimming alot of wordage off the page, and moving them to back pages. And of course, as I was moving text/info, I discovered better methods/ways of doing the organizations.

The newer versions of Wiki have a better control on Recent Revisions and can avoid displaying regular ongoing edits. Happy hunting. -Iain

--Iain-Davidson 02:15, 4 Sep 2006 (PDT)