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[[Category: Fleet]]
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Vehicle Policy: This policy states who may drive the truck and for what purpose.
List of Policies - Policy Development


Staff Collective set the policy on September 19, 2008.

Vehicles owned by Free Geek shall only be used for Free Geek business, vehicle maintenance, and new driver training. Free Geek will keep a schedule of all planned use.

Only staff members are authorized to operate Free Geek vehicles. All drivers need to be evaluated (for driving) by a Free Geek driver before operating Free Geek's vehicles. There will be a list of people who are trained as drivers. The number of drivers is limited by the amount budgeted for driver insurance.

All vehicles owned by Free Geek must keep a up to date log of activity. This log must include trips taken (mileage, drivers and passengers), gas purchased (Mileage, Driver), and maintenance.

Free Geek business is "the pickup of donations and supplies, drop off of commodities (i.e, plastic, wire), outreach events, and other activities approved by the staff collective."

If a situation arises that warrants the use of a vehicle owned by Free Geek (i.e, life and death situation) three collective members must approve this use, one being the driver.

This policy does not pertain to Free Geek owned fork lifts.


List of Drivers

  • Jessa B.
  • Darryl K.
  • Liane K.
  • Tony C.


  • Action will review any use of the truck once a month.
  • All Drivers must have the Vehicle Training Checklist filled out and filed in there employee folder.