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Thrift Store Volunteer Internship Agreement

I understand that volunteering in the Thrift Store is like volunteering anywhere else at Free Geek.

I agree to sign up at the front desk for a four hour shift, and to log my hours on completion of that time.

I understand that bags and personal items are to be checked at the front desk while I am volunteering.

I understand that I will have the same access and privileges to shop in the store as any other volunteer, but no more.

I understand that while I am on a shift, I may not purchase items. I understand I will only be allowed to purchase items before my shift begins, or after I have logged my hours.

I understand I will not be allowed to set aside items for later purchase without express approval from a Store Coordinator. I understand that this approval will never be granted for rare or valuable items such as laptops, LCD monitors, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, or most other items that have a strong demand. Basically, I understand that this request will be approved only for unexciting and lame items and that the answer to such requests will often be “no.”

I understand the true meaning of the phrase, “stroke the precious,” and I agree not to do it.

I agree that while on shift, I will not “tip-off” anyone else about the presence of store items.

I agree that while volunteering, I will not solicit personal business in the store.

I agree to not perform any physical repairs on a customer's stuff. I understand that by making even minor repairs, or even touching customers' gizmos, I would be opening up a can likely filled with poo.

I am not afraid to say “I don't know.” In fact, these are my three, new favorite words, and I agree to say them whenever appropriate.