Volunteer Internship Schedule

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Unpaid interns get into their positions through a process. For detailed job descriptions, see Free Geek's internship descriptions page.

Frank Bandy

  • Job Title: Production and Reuse Assistant
  • Duration: Unknown
  • Hours per week: 20
  • Schedule: Tue-Fri 2-7 pm
  • Supervisor: Richard
  • Paperwork: SMS
  • Job description: Help in basic and advanced testing, prebuild, and (possibly) build areas.

Jeanne LaFollette/Maxwell

  • Job Title: Receiving and Outreach Intern
  • Duration: As long as she wants
  • Hours per week: 35 (damn!)
  • Schedule: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm, Saturdays 11am-5pm (only if needed)
  • Supervisor: Shawn
  • Paperwork: None
  • Job description: Help in basic and advanced receiving, complete tasks for outreach as needed.

Tony Messina

  • Job Title: Component Testing Intern/General Helper
  • Duration: unknown
  • Hours per week: ??
  • Schedule: ??
  • Supervisor: ??
  • Paperwork: SMS
  • Job description: Test stuff and help out as needed

Kirk McCall

  • Job Title: Uninterruptable Power Supply tester, recycler.
  • Duration: open
  • Hours per week: 20
  • Schedule: Wednesdays 12-3pm for sure, other times as needed
  • Supervisor: Cliff Fortune
  • Paperwork: none
  • Job description: UPS evaluation and testing, recycle and/or make UPSes ready for sale.

Lonnie D. Wages

  • Job Title: Front Desk Intern
  • Duration: three months
  • Hours per week: 25
  • Schedule: Tues thru Sat 10:30 to 2:30
  • Supervisor: Kathie Hitchcock
  • Paperwork: completed and at front desk
  • Job description: Basic front desk activies to include; scheduling, answering phone, logging hours, taking donations, data entry as needed and misc. duties.

Sonia I. Nunley

  • Job Title: Education Intern
  • Duration: June through August, possibly longer
  • Hours per Week: 4
  • Schedule: Saturday 11am - 3pm
  • Supervisor: Liane
  • Paperwork: none
  • Job Description: learn how to set up and teach Adoption class, eventually teach A-class, process paperwork after the class.