Website Maintenance Tips

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  • If you're already logged in and want to edit the site, go to
  • Wordpress doesn't like to comment things out. Eeep.
  • You must double-click on links to allow you to edit them (don't just click and drag to highlight)
  • If you'd like to create something like this:
<p>Title<br />
Some awesome defining stuff.</p>

You'll need to find a work-around, because the visual editor won't do this: instead, it'll create 2 paragraphs, which will make a space between the 2 lines. Instead, use the html editor, or use the "paste from text" or "paste from word document" functions. Or take this tendency (often used in our links pages and old news and media pages) out of our website completely and figure out some new formatting for it.

  • On editing page:
    • "Keep private" checkbox means that only those with editing logins will be able to see the page
    • "Include this page in user menus" checkbox will make the page title show in the main nav or sub-nav bars. The site is only set up to show 2 menu levels, so if you're looking at a 3rd-level page like /about/contact/directions and you check this box, you'll break the nav.
    • If you ever do want to show a 3rd level menu, you should consider turning the sidebar menu back on and configuring it as you'd like.