What is a Free Geek?

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Free Geek is a trademark of Free Geek, Inc., in Portland, Oregon. An organization that wants to be a Free Geek needs to (at least) do these things:

  • Agree with the Free Geek Principles
  • Understand our Mission Statement
  • Do similar activities to us. These are broadly described in the mission statement. Such activities include:
    • Reusing computers and technology by giving them away in exchange for community service
    • Recycling computers that do not get reused in an environmentally responsible way.
    • Providing education and training in the use of computers and technology.

What a Free Geek Is Not

  • Free Geek is not a LUG (linux user group), even though we use free and open source software throughout our operation. LUGs are our friends. They do their job. We do ours.
  • Free Geek is not (just) a computer recycling center. We try to reuse computers wherever possible. Since many computers are unusable for a variety of reasons, many need to be responsibly recycled instead. (And we are serious about how they get recycled.)
  • Free Geek is not a (just) group of techno-loving geeks. Sure they come here and help. (Who wouldn't?) But we're more than that. People from all walks of life participate.