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Hey wanna do some breaking of things?

So your standing here and you want to help (or smash), but don't know what to do. This will help you get started. Below are tasks that need to happen in Recycling on a daily basis.

Basic destruction

Basic destruction is the bench where systems are torn down to their small bits, even nubbins. Then these bits are sorted into different containers for shipment to recyclers. This area is vital to the overall production flow at Free Geek. If the pile backs up, then the rest of the building backs up with waste. Kinda like your intestines.

Advanced Destruction

This area is for those volunteers that have already done some basic deconstruction. It's for those who want to venture out into new realms of e-waste. Most of what happens in this area is precious metal recovery and sorting. You must ask the area coordinator if it is ok to do these tasks. Almost all of these tasks need a great deal of attention to detail.

I want to do something less difficult


Most of this work is sit down deconstruction. This is where we tear down floppies, zip disks, tapes, networking devices, and removable hard disks media(occasionally)

Hard drive and Floppy drives

Just what it says above. You tear apart hard drives and floppy drives to their components, and sort them to be shipped to the recycler.

Networking Devices

Can usually be done with one or two tools. Some trouble shooting might be involved.


A new job at Free Geek! Disassemble keyboards with one or two tools.

Non-Ferrous Metals

This is the very complicated task of categorizing and sorting of metals. Some of these metals are Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass. This task must be taught before you can work on it. See Your recycling coordinator for information on how to help.

General Cleaning

It is important for general safety and smooth operation the the recycling area stays clean and habitable as much as possible. Piles of stuff needs to be sorted and miscellaneous items need to go into the right containers. Also floors need to be swept and general clutter needs to be controlled. This is a very simple task. For information on how to complete these tasks, see your recycling coordinator.