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Beginning Wiki Editing

Here's some helpful formatting tips.  Just click on the 'edit' tab above to see how to format everything

Note how a dotted line surrounding a pink textbox above? This happens when you hit the spacebar before you start typing a new line.

Also, take note how the Contents box is structured

Food I Love

how to use bullet points

  • everything Thai, especially coconut milk
  • bagels with cream cheese and all sorts of veggies
  • big ol' salad with nuts and fruit
  • pizza made within 60 miles of NYC

Restaurants I Like

how to make a numbered list

  1. Pad Thai Kitchen on SE Belmont
  2. Biwa on SE Ash
    • Luiz introduced me to authentic Japanese noodle bowls with fried pork belly on top
    • to include a bullet point in a numbered list (and not mess up your numbered list), use #*
  3. Oba in the Pearl District
    • only during their happy hour because the food and margaritas are cheap
  4. Toro Bravo on NE Russell
    • they do an awesome job at innovative tapas - lotsa meat

New Heading

  • sub point
  • another sub point
    • sub-sub point
      • sub-sub-sub point
  • something else

Other Fun Stuff

  • indenting without a bullet point
when you start a new line with a colon, it indents without a bullet point
  • want to link to another page on the wiki? use [[ ]] and put the page name in between the brackets
  • if you misspell the page name, the link will appear in RED, like this Usre:Ali
  • you can link to another page and have the text that appears say something other than the page you're linking to
  • for example: Interested in the learning about the future of Free Geek? Try looking here
  • note the |here after the page name
  • want to create a new page? it's somewhat odd, but easy enough.
  1. First, you'll type the name of the page you want to create in the Search box (not the google search) and click the "Go" button
  2. Then a page will appear that says There is no page titled ":YOUR NEW PAGE". You can create this page.
  3. So then click on the link create this page and start typing!

Upload a File

  • Login and then you will see a link in the left hand column that says "Upload file".