Wireless Keyboard & Mice Testing

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Only keep wireless keyboards and mice that have USB dongle type recievers. Just like anything else, if it looks particularly nice keep it.

You will need:

  • Bag with USB dongles
  • AA and AAA batteries

First open the keyboard tester:

  • terminal> wx-keyboard-tester

Most dongles, mice, and keyboards will have a "connect" button on them. After pluging the usb stick into the computer you will press the connect button on the USB stick. A light should flash. Now press the connect button on the keyboard and/or mouse.

The keyboard and/or mouse should now be paired and can be tested in the keyboard tester.

All keys should be lit green in wx-keyboard-tester. With the exception of print screen, and any FN keys.

Recycle if:

  • Any keys do not work
  • Keyboard or mouse is extremely dirty
  • uses PS2 inputs