Wireless Keyboard & Mice Testing

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Only keep wireless keyboards and mice that have USB dongle type transcievers. Just like anything else, if it looks particularly nice keep it.

You will need:

  • Bag(s) and\or bucket of USB dongles - these can be found in the "To be tested" Keyboard\Mouse bins.
  • AA and AAA batteries - a small bin of batteries, with tester, should be on the shelf above the Network testing station.

Do a Visual inspection for breakage, dirt, etc. Recycle broken, un-cleanable, beige, etc. units.

Install batteries.

Match the Keyboard\Mouse with a possibly compatible dongle.

  • This is done primarily by brand, but, is also affected by things like type(see below).
  • Some dongles, mice, and keyboards will have a "connect" button on them. After pluging the USB stick into the computer you will press the connect button on the USB stick. A light should flash. Now press the connect button on the keyboard and/or mouse. The keyboard and/or mouse should now be paired. Those without connect buttons should connect (if compatible) automatically. It may take more than one try to find a compatible dongle.

Open the keyboard tester:

  • in a terminal type wx-keyboard-tester <enter>.

As you press each key its indicator should toggle from red to green in wx-keyboard-tester. With the exception of print screen(unless shifted), and any FN or other special keys. To test the Mouse click on the appropriate button in the upper left of the screen and follow the on screen instructions.

If keyboard and/or mouse tested good affix a "tested by" sticker and secure dongle and mouse to keyboard.

Recycle if:

  • Any keys, buttons or wheels do not work or mouse will not move pointer.