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The most accurate floorplan as of this date is this one = Floor Plan: This is a working drawing of Free Geek, its layered with things like the paths around the building, evacuation plans, and so on.

The following zoning was proposed and consented upon in the December 2006 council meeting

Keeping this here for now because it shows the zones =

Floor plan with zones

This version of the floor plan shows some proposed zones.

shows the area that would be designated for office space and meeting rooms. This is fairly easy to keep quiet and require little production related traffic. There is some space available above the yellow zone that could be designated as office space as well.
shows the area that would be designated for production activities. Centralizing this is more efficient and provides less disruption to the classroom, offices, and meeting space.
shows current receiving and warehouse areas.

Most of this comes from current usage. The main changes are that by beginning to move offices into the yellow area, we allow for production areas currently in the yellow zone to move into the greeen zone.

Moving from yellow to green
  • Server build (white hole)
  • Legacy systems evalution (classroom)
Moving from green to yellow
  • Tech Support?
  • Some of the offices?
  • Lab

Depending on what offices (or tech support) choose to move, A/V could move elsewhere within the green zone.