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Welcome To The Space Cadets Main Page.

Free Geek has in it about 15,000 sq ft of space. This space is zoned to help us plan out where things go, In the past we have located "places" where ever we could find space. Now we are trying to come up with a plan to change our space to be more useful, educational, and efficient.

Current Projects

go here for details

FloorPlan Images

The most accurate floorplan as of this date is this one = Floor Plan on Facility page

This is a working drawing of Free Geek, its layered with things like the paths around the building, evacuation plans, and so on.

The previous version is here

These are obsolete - but show zones -

Policy & Process

How to Condemn an Area

  1. confer with at least 2 other space cadets
  2. contact everyone involved in area, i.e. those who work there or have stuff stored there
  3. send an email to core & space cadets lists describing the condemnation area
  4. post a Condemned sign which reads something like:
 This area has been condemned.  Please remove all items from this area
 that you do not wish to be recycled.  Recycling will begin on (date).
 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact (space cadet #1) or (space cadet #2).
  • note on condemnation sign: date of recycling must be at least one week from date of condemnation

From Staff Meeting 5/11/07
The Space Usage Committee has the power to execute the decisions it makes as long as the general zoning framework approved by Council on DATE is respected. Any major moves or changes should be approved by Council and a monthly update about the Space Usage Committee's progress should be presented to Council.



Original Proposal
So as to increase the amount of input into this process, the allocation of space in Free Geek for projects, programs, and other uses shall be the province of the Community Council, or a group it designates. The Staff's Action Committee shall be in charge of enacting such provisions as the Council decides.
The use of the Free Geek space is of the utmost concern to the entire community.
2nd version -- Oso
Council shall create a space usage committee to create a long-term plan for allocation and use of space of Free Geek facilities. The group shall determine the space program, taking into account current Free Geek programs, needs and anticipated programs and needs as possible. The committee will determine a list of priorities and will present these priorities to the council for approval. The council will then inform staff of the decision and staff (mainly the action committee) will implement the priorities list. As funding for different projects becomes available, building plans and modifications will be presented to the space usage committee for approval, and then to council for final approval. Periodic reviews of the priorities list will be needed to adjust to changing conditions over time.
The use of the Free Geek space is of the utmost concern to the entire community, but the final implementation of changes and improvements is the pervue of the staff, as these decisions directly effect the daily operations and functionality of the facility. Operations are the responsibility of Staff.


There was a meeting in summer '05 to discuss space usage, but there were apparently no minutes recorded.

This ad hoc committee will reconvene in May '06. Jeff Schwaber put his memory of the ideas in an email in preparation for that meeting.