2010 Staff Retreat Planning

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Retreat Task Force

Caitlin, Liane, Luiz, Meredith, Valerie

Retreat Logistics

  • Day: Monday, June 21st
  • Schedule:
    • 9 AM-12 PM: Morning "big picture" brainstorm
    • 12 PM-1 PM: Lunch
    • 1 PM-4 PM: Afternoon brainstorm, more specifically-focused
    • 4 PM-5 PM: Social hour
  • Place: McMenamins - Edgefield

Potential Goals

  • Have the opportunity to discuss "big picture" issues we don't have time for in staff meetings
    • Prioritize hiring
    • Prioritize our priorities
    • Look at the Free Geek Structure in terms of hierarchy/compensation/movement within/access to power and decision making/etc.


We still need a facilitator! Laurel 1.0 is a possibility, Valerie might know some one also.

The Agenda

After hearing back from the collective, the two discussion items with the broadest support by a large margin:

  • What do you envision the ideal future of Free Geek to be? (Morning discussion)
  • Staff structure (Afternoon discussion)

Who's Coming?

The Retreat Task Force recommends to staff that we invite committed staff members to the entirety of the retreat.

Pre-Retreat All Staff Meeting

  • Why: improve communication, improve access to information and decision-making, create an avenue to hear what more Free Geekers think, see each other's pretty faces all in a room together, solve problems, probably eat donuts or something... Also it's never happened before!
  • We will hold an all-staff meeting on Tuesday, May 25th from 9:30 AM-10:30 AM
  • Facilitator: maybe Jiro, maybe Richard?
  • Some suggested agenda topics:
    • Clarity in mobility within staff categories
    • Long term planning for production areas (ex: how will we need to adapt Laptop Build to accommodate an increase in laptop donation and demand.)
    • Cross-department staffing - to improve communication and organizational security for when staff go on vacation.

List of Collective Members