2012 Website Redesign

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This page was created to start collecting information for a website redesign, as proposed by the PR Committee.

New and Improved Features/Structure

  • "Free Geek in the Media" page with links to media features, flexible archival settings
  • Option whether or not to post new page content in that page's category page feed (e.g. option not to include Media posts in main News feed)
  • "Large Donors/Partners" page listing individual donations over a certain amount, institutional and in-kind donors, corporate logos?
  • Newsletter sign-up button
  • Streaming Twitter/Facebook feed
  • Seperate pages for institutional and individual donors
  • Bold donate button on front page
  • Address and hours on front page (and footer of every page).
  • Links to wiki, possibly other outward facing services
  • "Digital Tour": Area highlights w/ photos, more expository descriptions
  • Integrate Inreach programs (e.g., Star Volunteers, Events, etc)
  • Must be mobile-friendly!
  • Presence for current certifications
  • Incorporate Spanish pages (or...whole separate Spanish website).
  • Submenus
  • RSS feed
  • Photo area (Flickr account link?)
  • Header on every page: Logo, Hours/Location/Phone, Link to directions, Social Media Buttons
  • Footer on every page: Text Navigation and Search bar
  • No Blog looking content, except on community news page
  • Full articles on community news page.
  • Currents news on Home page with fully flexible posting options


  • Easy/quick for staff and volunteers to maintain
  • Admin: pretty easy to learn to administer, easy to add users and privileges, easy to make new pages, easy to change layout of old pages
  • Accessible in Debian (for server hosting)
  • Analytics to view click-throughs to individual posts, and internal navigation between individual pages and posts
  • Quick loading for dial-up users
  • Limit JavaScript
  • More cohesive method/procedure to maintain site
  • Ability to integrate with RT
  • Ideal: site that can produce static pages without having to send them to a database for backup


  • Press area expanded to include links to FG in the news, articles, FG YouTube page, link to reddit?
  • Corporate hardware donor and Financial donor thanks page
  • Friends/Partners links
  • Links to other Free Geeks and similar organizations
  • Harmful stuff in computers page
  • Photo area
  • Map images with links - Google, Trimet, Bicycle
  • More prominent hours, location, phone number on front page
  • Little to no scroll on front page
  • Keep current Logo (Remove pictures and just use the Free Geek logo), Choose colors/fonts that flow nicely from the logo.
  • Muted colors, New Scheme (Green ?), Fading colors/gradients
  • Front page has link to Spanish Program Info page listing hours, Spanish tour times, basic descriptions of Build and Adoption in Spanish


  • Reuse/Recycling
  • Community
  • Environmentalism
  • Casual
  • Empowered
  • Open Source
  • Global, diverse, accessible
  • Creative
  • Comfortable with change
  • Sustainable/Green
  • Community Resource
  • Fun
  • Cooperative Learning

Current Website Issues

  • Busy (Make new site Clean)
  • Dated (Make new site Modern)
  • Constrained (Make new site Flexible)
  • Intelligent and fun (writing style)
  • Some elements are easy to use (Build on this)