31 Flavors of Linux

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Welcome to the 31 Flavors of Linux Wiki Page, your neighborhood Linux Distro Store. Here we offer a buffet of 31 plus flavors of Linux that will tantalize your OS tooth and leave your technology belly satisfied! Please browse our Linux Distro Menu and enjoy the low calorie goodness of one of our flavors.


Classic Flavors
Do you pine for the days of yore, when men were men and wrote their own device drivers? FreeGeek does. Theses are the tried and true Linux flavors that will remind you of the good old days.
Popular Flavors of Linux
Just because everyone loves these flavors doesn't mean that they don't satisfy your OS needs. Try one and see why these flavors are so popular.
Regular Flavors
Our broad selection of taste tested flavors are sure to meet even the most picky geek.
Lactose & x86-Free
For those who can't digest x86 products, we have a selection of 64-bit and PPC flavors that won't upset you stomach.
Not Linux
Linux not doing it for you anymore. Don't fret, we have a sampling of other OS's that will broaden your horizons.