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The word Triage is used at Free Geek to indicate the process of assessing what to do with devices coming into to a particular area. In general, there are three basic outcomes of triage:

  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Further inquiry or testing required

The triage process in A/V Testing usually consists of two passes - the first, broad pass is carried out by Receiving; devices that make it through the first pass are brought to the A/V Incoming area, where A/V staff apply a more detailed second pass. The goal of this process is to quickly weed out devices that cannot be reused (due to missing parts, defects, obsolescence, or general uselessness), and to determine the best use for devices which can be reused.


A/V Devices

What constitutes an A/V Device? What kinds of devices does A/V want or not want?

Inspect for missing parts or screws. Auto recycle anything without HD Video(HDMI or YPbPr component) Play a video for at least 15 min.
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