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  • Date: 2006 03 22
  • Facilitator: Michael Westwind
  • Scribe: Jeff (freyley)
  • RT: Michael McCall
  • Minutes Checker: Everyone
  • Place: Classroom

Call the meeting to order


Michael Westwind (facilitator), Michael McCall (RT), Jeff (scribe), Kenny, Richard, Dawn, Paul, Vagrant, Dave, Wren, Stacy.


New Business

Spam on the CHAN mailing list

we received an official complaint about spam that went out on the CHAN mailing list. Michael Westwind commits to talk to the originator of the complaint, netzero, and easystreet about how the spam got there, that we're doing everything we can to fix the problem, and that we're not a valid person to complain against, since we're not the originator of the spam, though we are relaying it.

  • we will also work to make spamassassin better.


action item for vagrant

bandwidth hog

  • what's a bandwidth hog?
  • non-freegeek work that interferes with freegeek work
  • we'll talk to sam, but we'll also prioritize email and ssh on the firewall.

exim4 config

rewrite rule to rewrite reef.fglan to root+reef@fglan

chasm hardware raid

todo to replace chasm

backup server

build will build it

rt design

deferred to next meeting.

New Commitments

  • all commitments in RT

Next Meeting

  • Facilitator: Kenny
  • Scribe:
  • Minutes Checker:
  • Reporters to other meetings?
  • Date and time: March 29th, 2006
  • Place: Classroom
  • Unfinished business for the next meeting?