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Working Group

The Accessibility Working Group works to ensure that Free Geek is accessible to staff, volunteers, and members of the public.

List of pertinent issues:

  • Compliance with ADA and other applicable laws
  • Legal compliance:
    • Staff
    • Volunteers, customers, public
  • Physical space
  • Job requirements
    • For volunteer tasks
    • For staff jobs

Staff Members

  • Mark Kille
  • Richard Seymour
  • eBeth Swager (time allowing)
  • Kevin Wright

Related Committees and Working Groups

Rather than repeat the work of other working groups and committees, we should simply ensure that others are aware of accessibility issues and actively working on them as part of their regular work.

Works with volunteers who have a variety of abilities
Space Cadets
Works on space planning issues
Accessibility of software on computers
Works with students with differing needs
HR & Admin Services
Works to ensure compliance with applicable laws
This overlaps with accessibility issues

Past members of the accessibility task force

  • Laurel Bates
  • Caitlin Collings
  • Liane Kocka
  • Others?

Work to do

  • Mark off paths (aisles or lanes) on floor, 42" wide
  • (add items here)