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Returning Volunteers

Many of our volunteers leave the Adoption Program not realizing how they can further contribute to Free Geek.

This page is designed to help a person organize the Adoption Graduates who want to further volunteer at FG

Contacting Adoption Graduates

  1. Use Spreadsheet to access Adoption Graduates who wanted to volunteer again
  2. Check and see who is currently volunteering
  3. Call those who are not!
  4. Introduce self as a volunteer (if this is true!) and ask if s/he would like to volunteer some more
  5. Introduce the Build Program. If s/he is interested, redirect them to the Front Desk where they can sign up for a shift
    • Instruct them to ask to be signed up for Card & Motherboard sorting
  6. If not interested in Build, give the option of doing more Receiving/Recycling Shifts OR being placed on a "Skill List" where FG organizes interested volunteers for Big Projects i.e. Building Things/Carpentry, Reorganization/Moving Things, Painting, Sew Crafty Night.
  7. Finally ask each person if s/he would like to be contacted in May regarding volunteer opportunities at the Geek Fair happening in June/July

Graduates' Options

  • [Build Program]
  • additional shifts in the Adoption Areas

The Breakdown

1. Build Program
  • The build Program is a great way to learn how to build computers. You don't have to know ANYTHING about computers to start, and it is a self-paced program, usually taking about 60-80 hours, or 2-3 months.
  • Participants build 6 computers, learning card sorting, evaluating hardware, quality control,assembly and installation
  • Once completing the Build Program, there are additional educational options:
2. Additional Shifts in Adoption Areas
  • Receiving
  • Recycling
3. Big Projects
  • Handiperson
    • Carpentry
    • Building things
  • Wall Painting
  • Moving Stuff/Reorganization
  • Geek Fair
  • Everything Else!
Note: Spreadsheets available on  Free Geek's internal application server under outreach