Advanced Adoption Requirements

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The Advanced Adoption class was designed for adoption volunteers receiving their new computers who:

  • Regularly use computers, either currently or in the near-past (perhaps in school, in an office environment, or at the library multiple times per week),
  • Are comfortable accessing and using their email account,
  • Are comfortable using the internet, and
  • Have used some office software like a word processor or spreadsheet program.

In order to be sure that the volunteers who attend the advanced adoption class meet these requirements (and so that all students in both classes can feel appropriately challenged and empowered), the following questions should be asked at the front desk when volunteers are signing up for their getting started class:

  • Do you have an email address? What is it? How do you access it?
    • The student should have used their email recently enough to remember their address.
  • Have you used a word processing program before? For what kind of project?
  • Or just ask the volunteer to describe where and for what they've used a computer in the past.
    • They should have used computers regularly - for a job, school, or at the library multiple times per week.

These questions, or a reminder to ask them, should be on the class signup sheet as well.