Advanced Speaker Testing

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This page is outdated. New speaker testing instructions: Media:SpeakerTestingInstructions.odt --Scrump 00:12, 3 August 2012 (UTC)

Please see Advanced Subwoofer Testing for a subwoofer testing triage Also see What's a Subwoofer?

<graphviz> digraph{

  node [fontname="Helvetica", fontsize="11"]
  edge [fontname="Helvetica"]

start [label="START HERE"] speaker_or_sub [label="IS IT A SPEAKER\nOR SUBWOOFER COMBO?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] twospeakers [label="DO YOU HAVE\nBOTH SPEAKERS?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] sub [label="GO TO\nSUBWOOFER TRIAGE", fontsize="12"] dunno [label="See 'HOW DO I\nKNOW WHETHER\nITS A SUB/COMBO\nOR NOT?'", fontsize="12"] has_wart [label="DO THE SPEAKERS\nHAVE AN AC ADAPTOR?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] rattles [label="DOES IT RATTLE?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] marrying [label="PUT ON MARRYING\nSHELF TO FIND MATCH", shape="box", fontsize="12"] labeled [label="IS THE VOLTAGE, CURRENT,\nAND POLARITY LABELED\nON THE SPEAKER?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] find_wart [label="FIND THE RIGHT\nAC ADAPTOR FROM BINS", shape="box", fontsize="12"] test_wart [label="USE VARIABLE OUTPUT\nAC ADAPTOR TO TEST", shape="box", fontsize="12"] clip [label="CLIP CABLES AND RECYLE", fontsize="12"] test [label="PLUG SPEAKER INTO SOURCE.\n SELECT RHYTHMBOX MUSIC PLAYER \n (ON DESKTOP) & PLAY A SONG.\n CAN IT BE PLAYED FAIRLY\nLOUDLY WITHOUT DISTORTION?", shape="box", fontsize="12"] bag [label="NEATLY BIND CABLES,\nADD MINI CABLE IF REQUIRED,\nPLACE INTO BAG ON DONE SHELF", fontsize="12"]

start -> speaker_or_sub speaker_or_sub -> twospeakers [label="SPEAKER", fontsize="10"] speaker_or_sub -> sub [label="SUB", fontsize="10"] speaker_or_sub -> dunno [label="NOT SURE"] twospeakers -> has_wart [label="YES"] twospeakers -> marrying[label="NO"] has_wart -> rattles [label="YES"] has_wart -> labeled[label="NO"] labeled -> find_wart[label="YES"] labeled -> test_wart[label="NO"] rattles -> clip [label="YES"] rattles -> test [label="NO"] test -> bag[label="YES = PASS"] test -> clip [label="NO = FAIL"]