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Artist grants are a way for artists to get materials from Free Geek that otherwise would be recycled or sold at a very low cost. This is in-line with Free Geek's mission as it is promoting reuse and supporting the creative side of our community. Artist grants are overseen by the Hardware Grants program.


In early 2011, when Safari died, artist grants were proposed as a way for artists to be able to still have access to Free Geek's materials.

How To Process An Artist Grant

Questions To Ask

  • What type of art do you create?
  • Have you had any shows or displays of your art?
  • Do you have any artistic accreditations or affiliations?
  • What type of materials do you want from Free Geek?
  • What project(s) will they be used for?
  • How will you responsibly dispose of any unused or "retired" materials?

Reasons to Deny An Artist Grant

  • The person does not seem to be a legitimate artist.
  • No commitment to dispose materials environmentally.
  • It would take too long to fill.
  • They want things we could sell for a large profit. For example, if they want a lot of motherboards, we probably wouldn't approve the grant, as motherboards earn us a lot of money. Check in with the Recycling Manager (Liane) if you aren't sure.
  • If the material requested would pose a threat to human health or the environment by their manipulation into an art piece (melting plastic, grinding/sanding circuit board, smashing TVs).