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So here is what PR needs to know about e-Steward publicity.

  • What we get from BAN (in terms of PR):
    • an e-Seward certificate
    • eSteward logo and marks
    • BAN's 2 films
    • a shorter promo film
    • photos from BAN and e-Steward websites (w/ proper credit)
    • Free Geek on their website
    • they promote us at conferences and in literature. 
  • We are not e-Steward "certified". No business or organization is at this point.  We are e-Steward "qualified", or simply: an e-Steward. In 2010 we, along with all other current e-Stewards, will have the opportunity to become certified.  This will include obtaining ISO certification, more auditing, and something like $5,000.
  • All of our press materials related to e-Stewardness need to be approved by BAN. The first point person is Sarah Westervelt @, if we can't get a hold of her, the next in line is Jim Puckett @
  • We need to be careful when using their trademarks.
    • We can not in any way alter them
    • We can not make the e-Seward logo the biggest or most prominent logo on any publicity material. 
    • We must distinguish e-Steward marks from our own.
    • We can not share e-Steward marks with our affiliates w/out permission from BAN.
    • We can't do ANYTHING that may damage the reputation of the e-Steward logo or name.
    • We are supposed to run anything by them that has their logo on it, or is in conjunction with anything that has their logo on it (The extent to which they want us to do this seems unclear to me).