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The Black Hole is a mysterious place. We store many filled gaylords there until it is time to ship them.

Why is it called the black hole?

Way back in time, when we weren't actually renting the warehouse but just sort of squatting, the black hole was twice its current size and didn't have any lights. To us, it seemed huge. Since no one went in there, it seemed that stuff piled in there just disappeared... so when we needed to clean up really quickly for an event or something, all the detritus would just be thrown into the black hole.

As soon as we got lights, or sometime before then, we discovered that not only was it not infinite, but it was overfull. We then Started the Laptop Program there. and a year or two after that moved every thing out to expand our warehouse a bit.

Other stuff

  • The black hole was featured in the movie Do You Copy? as the set of Copymaker, the freaky copy shop. Elements of detritus were conveniently incorporated into the set, including the ominous Trorb photocopier.
  • Once we got it a little organized, it held phones, non-PC architecture stuff, museum pieces, and laptop equipment. I think that's been narrowed down to laptops and non-PC stuff, but i may be wrong. The black hole is dizzying, and the shelves would be great monkey playgrounds if it weren't for all the stuff piled on them.