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Working on a brochure? Upload it to the wiki and include a link below. Finished brochures go on dead trees.

Text of Volunteering Brochure

Here's one that Caitlin was working on ...its the text of a volunteer brochure with some other notes. It reads

Free Geek would not survive without the dedication of our volunteers. People of all abilities are welcome to volunteer at Free Geek.

How to start volunteering. Before volunteering you must fill out an application and take a tour of Free Geek. Tours happen Tuesday-Saturday at 12PM and 5PM.

Adoption program Volunteers interested in earning a free computer are encouraged to participate in our Adoption Program. The program includes 24 hours of volunteer time as well as a 3 hour class in which volunteers learn to use their new computer. Volunteer opportunities in this program include sitting, standing and lifting jobs in the recycling and receiving areas.

Build program Volunteers interested in learning or refining technical skills are encouraged to participate in our Build Program. Volunteers in this program learn how to build computers. After building five computers, volunteers may build one to take home with them. There are other post-build volunteer opportunities available after completing this program.

Volunteer interns ?Talented? individuals looking to work hard in order to spiff up their resume or fulfill a school requirement may consider applying for a volunteer internship through our website.

Text of Edit on Recycling Brochure

a work in progress, aka rough draft.  being worked on by Ali

reuse before recycle

We reuse as much as possible at Free Geek. Through our programs, refurbished items are granted to local community organizations, earned by volunteers, or sold inexpensively in our Thrift Store. Free Geek is a BAN qualified e-Steward and what cannot be reused is responsibly recycled to the toughest standards.

responsible recyclers

Unfortunately many "recyclers" employ poor labor practices, such as prison labor or outsourcing to developing nations. Free Geek only works with recycling vendors who have displayed a commitment to fair labor practices and are willing to be audited at any time. IS THIS TRUE?

Draft Text of XXXX brochure

Draft Text of XXXX brochure

Text of Existing Brochure


This is under the page titles "contribute"


Free Geek accepts donations of computer equipment in any condition. You can drop it off at our Technology Center. There are no fees for individual donors. If you are a business or organization you may call to inquire about fees. Contributions are tax deductible and help support our programs.

If you wish to donate large quantities of equipment (more than 25 systems) or to arrange for a pick- up, please call us. 'Bold text' CONTRIBUTE MONEY

$20 Supplies materials to refurbish 6 computers for a local nonprofit

$50 Hosts an adoption class for 10 new computer recipients

$100 Creates a computer lab for a local school with refurbished computers

This is under the page titles "connect"


LOCATION Free Geek 1731 SE 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97214 (2 blocks South of Hawthorne on SE 10th Ave.)

HOURS Open Tuesday – Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM

TOURS Offered Tuesday – Saturday 12 PM and 5 PM


(Same hours and location)


(503) 232-9350

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Kevin's "become a sponsor" brochure

dead_trees The brochure has nice composition but fails on a few points:

  • The clip art picture of the bell-bottomed (that's pants) girl leaping is dorky
  • That's not our logo!
  • Don't like having sponsors on it (Hasson realty)
  • Whoops! Hasson actually made it