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This page will document the Cable Chart in Receiving. The chart is used to help volunteers sort cables in the Receiving area. It was originally created by a team of Thrift Store employees and NPAs (Brittany and Leah did the majority of the work, as far as I know). The chart currently in use (cardboard and velcro) was originally expected to be a trial before adopting a sturdier version. Unfortunately, all of the documentation from the first version has disappeared or been deleted from the Wiki. (This page will replace the one that used to have all the appropriate information before Michael deleted it...)

I will need to create several things:

  • List of cables frequently received by Free Geek
  • List of boxes in already in Receiving
  • List of cables collected by the Thrift Store
  • List of cables ordinarily recycled
  • List of possible new boxes to put in Receiving
  • Images for all of the cables seen in Receiving

Help creating a new/improved/more permanent template for the chart. This is where the old documentation would be really useful. In the absence of old info, new eyes will suffice.

I will need to create a mock-up to scale(ish) to figure out how big of a board I'll need and now much to get in magnets and to nail down the layout.

Sarah C and Adrienna have committed to attending a crafting party to get the board pieces created and arranged. Hoping to get that accomplished as soon as possible after the arrival of parts.

progress report: I have accumulated nearly all the images necessary to make a complete mock-up of the chart. The next step will be to see if there should be more cables included on the new chart (and perhaps new boxes for them in Receiving). After that will come the fun of organizing how to arrange them (see: brilliant idea from Robert in Talk page)

Cables for the store