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Cabling Parties are a periodic event that occur on the second Sunday of the month (and more frequently as needed), usually starting around noon, in which staff and volunteers test and implement changes to Free Geek's network infrastructure. To get involved, it's best to get to know the Technocrats or start working in Server Build. Lunch included!

The agendas for Cabling Parties are usually discussed during the preceding Technocrats meeting.

Common tasks include:

  • Cutting and crimping Cat5e cables
  • Tracing runs of cables to help document Free Geek's network infrastructure
  • Punching cable into patch panels
  • Testing and implementing network switches
  • Installing D-rings, patch panels, and other magical network equipment

To participate, you should be willing to stand for more than four hours, willing to lift up to 50 lbs, climb a 12' ladder, and ask a bunch of questions.

Cabling Expenses

  • We've had good luck with the Sewell 1000-ft boxes of cat5e, and they're available in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Keystone jacks are necessary for in-wall (or on-wall).
  • D-rings keep our cables from falling on the ground. Historically, we've just bought locally, but when we get low we should buy online.