Checking the Cart

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How to check the cart before it goes to the warehouse and recycling area, and how to teach evaluators to put away keeper systems.

Quick Guide

  • Cart checking:
    • Covers
    • Labels
    • Cards
    • Warning signs that something's not right
  • Teaching warehouse/recycling skills:
    • Does someone in the eval area already know how to file systems? Have them teach the newbies. If not, then go with and explain.
    • Point out recycling pile
    • Point out maps and HOWTOs posted at the ends of the rows of shelving, as well as the labels on the shelves.
    • Briefly describe the filing system

Detailed Instructions

Checking the Cart

When checking the cart full of systems in eval before it rolls into the oblivion of the recycling area/limbo of the warehouse, keep these points in mind. If something's done incorrectly, ask the evaluators to make any necessary corrections.

  • Covers should be affixed with all screws for keeper systems and at least one screw for recycler systems.
  • Each label should be correctly and completely filled out.
  • All the appropriate cards should be pulled out of the system (there are usually some cards or card-looking things that are allowable to keep in the systems. Check the mining documentation for eval I or eval II for these).
  • Warning signs to look out for:
    • If the system is newer, but pretty heavy, it may not have been mined.
    • Take a look into the holes created by the empty card slots. Is there RAM or something else you shouldn't be seeing in there? If so, hand it back to the evaluators.
    • If the cart's stacked too high, take a few systems off.