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There are several common errors that people make when writing us a check. Please follow this procedure whenever taking a check at Free Geek:

  1. Is it made out to Free Geek? (It should be)
  2. Does it have a date on it? (It should be today's date.)
    • (People make a lot of mistakes, especially at the beginning of a new year.)
    • Do not accept post-dated checks.
  3. Is the amount correct (check both the numbers and the written out version).
  4. Check the person's ID.
    • Check the name. Are they who they say they are?
    • Write the ODL number or whatever on the check.
    • Verify signature
  5. Record the receipt number:
    • If you're at the Front Desk write FD on all checks. Add the number of the invoice or receipt if you have one.
    • If you're in the Thrift Store write TS on all checks. Add the number of the sales receipt if you have one.
    • If you don't have a receipt, write FD or TS anyway.
  6. Endorse the check. (Both the front desk and the thrift store have an endorsement stamp.)
  7. Do not accept starter checks. These are checks that do not have an address on them and usually have check numbers with 3 digits instead of 4.
  8. If you accept a check for any transaction, always record the customer's name and address in the database. This makes tracking down problem checks easier. (Repeat customers and volunteers should already be in there.)