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Making Contact

Location and Hours

Community Technology Center

1731 SE 10th Avenue,
Portland, OR 97214
Tel (503)232-9350
Fax (503)230-8815
Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday-Monday CLOSED

Walking, biking, busing, driving

To get directions on how to physically reach us, take a look at our directions page.

Email Us

For general inquiries, use this form. (

For information about volunteering, use this form. (

To invite Free Geek to participate at your event, use this form. (

For inquiries about grants: See our Hardware Grants information page.

For bulk sales inquiries (5 like-item minimum): For single item inquiries, please call the thrift store during open hours at the phone number above.

For media inquiries:

To reach the webmasters:


  • For inquiries regarding donations, etc. -> info at webform
  • Link to directions page