Council 2006 07

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  • Date: July 19, 2006
  • Facilitator: Seamus
  • Scribe: Martin
  • Minutes Checker:
  • Place: Free Geek


martin, richard, oso, kerm, bill, seamus, shawn, wren, phil, serge, liane, marie, wes

Old Commitments

  • Martin will write about escalation of concerns for the wiki. DONE
  • Providence working group will meet and report regularly to Council IN PROGRESS
  • Oso: Phil hiring report DONE


Reports from other working groups.

Financial stuff

  • Richard or Seamus:
  • things look good in the last quarter

Geek Fair

  • Spent $2800, made $1800 fair events (probly more), made $2000 in the store. things went well.


  • 4 areas if concern: volunteer retention, space usage, expenses, culture changes.
  • Suggestions have been sent to staff, regardless of providence - we should be doing most of these things already.

a/v hiring

  • trying to fit into a grant we, well, didn't fit. oso takes blame for lack of communication. some grants have hirings built in. we do not want open-ended positions created out of grants, we need to be careful about keeping on mission, and council needs to make these decisions.
  • this grant is not diring anyone anymore (capitalization!), looking for alternate funding.

Old Business

process recommendation

  • Martin Presents
  • They are good. put more in:
  • We'll be acting on a few of these suggestions soon. Namely, shawn will do a 10-minute presentation at the start of the next council meeting on a facet of participating in meetings run by consensus.

intern hiring

  • Martin presents
  • some of the concerns that martin feels like he's heard center around how we decide whetherr a job is "low stress" or not. All interns now receive the same hourly wage as collective members. It's been figured out that "low stress"=not having to attend meetings. low responsibility may be a better descriptor.
  • Richard took some time to explain the history of the internship
  • Program: give some folks who wouldn't necessarily fit into the collective a chance to get some experience and pay them for helping us out at the same time.



New Business

Board elections

  • The Board reported
  • 4 positions opening. we want accountants and people with nonprofit experience.

first tech

  • Our new credit union. join if you want.

New Commitments

  • Shawn will make 10 minute presentation on consensus
  • Oso will talk to liane and our landlord
  • Intern hiring (martin)
  • Ambassadors (martin)

Next Meeting

  • Facilitator: Phil
  • Scribe: Wren
  • Minutes Checker:
  • Reporters to other meetings?
  • Date and time:
  • Place: Free Geek
  • Unfinished business for the next meeting?