Council 2008 09

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Meeting Minutes

Consensus Training



  • Technocrats: set up secure wiki (Vagrant to put in RT) DONE
  • Dave email council about value #s... ONGOING
  • Seamus: BAN... ONGOING
  • Dave commits to comparing BAN requirements to the downstream requirements on eWaste bill for issues/conflicts DONE
  • Oso will fill out conflict of interest statement. DONE
  • Facilatation reading group DONE talk to Laurel 1.0 if interested.


  • State of the Onion Reuse committee may split into multiple groups, Outreach already has. Long-time volunteer and intern Jake has been hired as a non-collective staffer; this will push back the prebuild intern hiring somewhat. Ali dropping to part time. About to start hiring for a second Sales Coordinator.
  • General Priorities FG's application to be a state recycler is still under consideration, but we've heard that our application is in good shape.
  • Geek Fair: Organizationally, went pretty well, though attendance was not as high as expected. Kevin did some polling, found some people who didn't know much about FG at all. Next year's planning will start fairly soon, likely. With more planning time, more outreach to West Portland, it's hoped to make next year more of an outreach event.


  • Board Elections. Jon van Oast(absent), Marie Deatherage, Laurel Hoyt, standing for reelection. Anne Glazer standing. Tim not standing for reelection.

Agreed: The council elects Marie, Laurel, and Anne to the Board, and elects Jon, conditional on his reaffirmation of commitment to attending Board meetings, Council meetings, and finding additional time to work on FG projects. Seamus commits to having that conversation with him.

New / Ongoing Commits

Next meeting

  • When: Wednesday, October 15th, 7:15 PM
  • Where: FG Meeting Room
  • Facilitator: Ian
  • Scribe: Laurel
  • Consensus Trainer: Oso