Council 2009 02

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  • When: 2009-02-18
  • Scribe: jon
  • Facilitator: ian supposed to facilitate, but sick; richard picks up the ball ... hands off to anne.
  • Attendance: richard, anne, marie, oso, dave, webb, cliff, sergio (briefly), matteo (late), vagrant (slightly later)


no previous commitments


state of onion (read by richard)

  • hiring new front desk recp
  • link changed
  • typo fix!

additional general updates:

  • (dave) given away most computers in shortest time
  • (richard) more dedicated (specific area) interns, due partly to focused recruiting
  • (dave) down trend in donations at door, some parts shortages; february always low tho
  • (richard) tours now at noon and 5; told oregonian reporter (article will be up soon)
  • marie asks about whats up with website being updated? richard: held up by server troubles, economy, etc. "next week or so" will be up.


webb wants coder report. richard reports: brief history of coder group and difficulty of managing software projects. [see 'mythical man month' -ed] coders closed. then either staff or core folks writing code. ryan wunderkind is now 14, so talking about paying him; more after staff mtg. going forward: find core folks and diversify a bit on code development. (some more specifics discussed, about what sorta help is needed, answer - roughly sysadmin. perils of this discussed. more discussion ensues about sharing fg software with other fgs, etc. much more detail of trouble of getting coders is discussed -- who can do what, what kinda coders would work, potential classes.)

webb reporting on first bash class of second round.

  • about 12 people, wifi sucked eggs [scribe paraphrasing, later approved by webb during minutes checking] tho. half on own laptops, half on machines here.
  • 1/3 on it, 1/3 got it with help of TA (charlie mccarthy -- was "big, big, big help"), 1/3 werent prepared (no subversion; but probably will be back with svn cuz they were sophisticated).
  • used google svn repository
  • perhaps should be more prepared with "infrastructure" (names, etc)

no more reports.

  • anne: mentions "open source bridge", an oscon "replacement" in portland
  • marie: recentchanges camp (wiki), she is attending

Next meeting

  • facilitator: anne
  • scribe: webb
  • minutes checker: marie