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Front desk workers do or oversee data entry for hardware leaving Free Geek through grants or computers going to our volunteers in the Adoption or Build Program. This allows us to keep track of how many electronic devices we are able put back into the community and reuse!

When someone turns this form into the front desk, be sure to check that all fields are filled out before accepting it. If it is a builder, hand it back to them, help them look up their number, etc. For adoption, often the teachers turn them in to us. Again, look them all over so we can fill in the blanks while the teacher and/or adopter is still present for clarification. Blank ones should be brought to Mary Kate, who will share them with build instructors and the education folks to see where we have a weak link in procedure.

How to

  1. Type http://data/ in the address bar of your favorite web browser from inside Free Geek
  2. Click on the link on the left side of the screen that says disbursements
  3. Type the volunteer or organization # or name into the box titled Search for Contact then click search
    • For grants, if there is no such contact then you will need to create them. Open a browser (Firefox, Konqueror) to http://data and enter info in contacts. All grant dispersement paperwork should go to Sophia for data entry.
  4. Record the date the gizmos went out by clicking the calendar
  5. Click on type of dispersement. Note that those marked as "infrastructure" will be for staff.
  6. Enter the type of gizmos that went out:
    • If it is a grant box or a freekbox enter 1 CRT and 1 system. Mark whether each component is covered or uncovered.
    • If it is a grant enter all gizmos given to the organization.
    • For all dispersements, note whether each system, LCD, laptop, or CRT is covered (default) or uncovered (un-check box).
    • All FG-PDX systems are uncovered.
    • All disbursements must be done by 5pm.
  7. Hit the Create button and you're done!


  • Some handwriting can be pretty tough to decipher. If data entry handwriting is especially bad it might be a good idea to go over the same gizmo a couple of times.
  • Make sure that the gizmo type on the paper matches the gizmo type on the computer, e.g. if you are entering data for systems make sure that the gizmo doesn't come up as a monitor. If the gizmos don't match, double check the ID number. If they still don't match consult an instructor.
  • Keep on the data entry paper translates to Stored on the computer.


Data entry lets us keep track of gizmo inflow and outflow. It's good for finding out where stuff is and gathering statistics. It, also, provides on hand mouse usage experience for adopters. An old school data entry manual can be found here