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Donations are solicited by members of the Outreach committee. This is a general list of helpful businesses in the area, who don't mind if we contact them again.


Hot Lips Pizza • 2211 SE Hawthorne • (503) 224-2069

  • Like what we do, how we do it, and willing to support events. Can call within five days of upcoming event.

Assaggio • 7742 SE 13th Ave at Lambert • (503) 232-6151

  • Hadn't heard of us, and prefer more notice for events, but willing to help

Thai Lahnna • 7937 SE 13th • (503) 230-0422

  • Hadn't heard of us, but were happy to help; could probably call again

Grocery Stores

Organically Grown • 16107 SE 98th Ave. • ph. (503) 496-0450 • fx. (503) 496-0477

  • Waylon Spoden can be contacted at wspoden at organicgrown dot com. His is a Free Geek volunteer.
  • Brian can be contacted at bkeough at organicgrown dot com. He is their donation contact.

New Seasons • 1954 SE Division St. • ph. (503) 445-2888 • fx. (503) 546-5320 • marks at newseasonsmarket dot com

  • Mark is the current contact.

Limbo Living Market • 4707 SE 39th • Portland OR 97207 • (503) 774-8008

  • Ellen Campbell is the donation contact. I have yet to achieve contact with her! -Sophia

UPDATE: Ellen says, small market, concentrating on food donations to schools, but send letter out and they'll consider us; will send letter today (4/27/06) UPDATE: Limbo closed in 2011 (6/14/2012)

Peoples Co-Op • 3029 SE 21st Ave • (503) 674-2642

  • Call Sarah Cline (ext. 110) or e-mail her at sarahc at peoples dot coop

Trader Joe's • 4715 SE 39th Ave • (503) 777-1601

  • Lindsay handles donations on behalf of Trader Joe's.

Food Front • 2375 NW Thurman • (503) 222-5658

  • Tom is the person to talk to, and for the last event, I didn't get a chance to call them back--but the time I did call, they seemed very willing to help. Out of our area, but may be worth it.

Market of Choice • 8502 Terwilliger Blvd • (503) 892-7331

  • Talked to Steven, and seem quite willing to help with small gift certificate and/or petty cash with which to shop; can call within five days but prefer thirty.
  • Download the file from the Market of Choice site (that's the link to their Donations page) and follow the instructions

Bob's Red Mill • 5209 SE International Way • Milwaukie, OR 97222 • ph. (800) 349-2173 • fx. (503) 653-1339

  • Yvonne is the person to talk to, and Bob's is very willing to help with food donations. The catch--it has to be something that Bob's alone produces--and Bob's is a whole grain and flour mill. Still, bulk dried fruit and nuts, popcorn, granola, soy milk powder, and bread mixes to take home and bring back--it's not a bad deal. Willing to help with five days' notice.
  • Remember to fax in request on letterhead.

Organics to You • 2019 SE Belmont • (503) 236-6496

  • This company delivers organic produce in the Portland area. But they generally have 'leftovers' at the end of the week, and calling a week before--and picking up on Friday--should generally get us food donations.


Office Max • Portland Store #445 • Southgate Center • 10319 S.E. 82nd Street • Portland, OR 97266 • (503) 788-9234

  • Office Max has a quarterly charitable donation program. Full information is in the hands of Outreach. This is here mostly as a placeholder; I want to see if we get anything from the program, first.