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Free Geek is a hands-on technology learning environment where volunteers may learn

  • how to build computers and troubleshoot various problems,
  • how to install an operating system and software on their systems,
  • that open source software (OSS) exists,
  • that learning about OSS is in principle accessible to anyone (by reading source and adjunct howtutorials and "experimenting"),
  • that learning about technologies that open source software makes available is also self-accessible
  • that technological self-education is
    • not necessarily commoditized service to privileged domination by some particular identity group, but, rather,
    • essentially collaborative and and self-experienced, and
  • collaboration using enabled technologies somehow also mirrors a mysterious, wonderful factor from which also arose open source software (in the ideal case).

Most of our learning opportunities are integrated with our day to day operations. The Education committee oversees the education program at Free Geek.