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This is a possible new non-collective position at Free Geek.

Job Description

This is a new position at Free Geek, designed to integrate our Education and Hardware Grants programs. We'll be looking for someone who can come to two programs that work and make them something new and better. At the same time, she or he will need to be able to work within the culture and limitations (and with the unique strengths) of Free Geek and volunteerism. She or he should also be dedicated to our mission and ready to jump into a democratic workplace. An ideal candidate will have some experience in program development (or, alternately, curriculum development) and sensitivity to the needs of volunteers.

Specific duties: Education Coordination

  • Work with staff members to improve educational aspect of volunteer programs.
  • Recruit, train, and coordinate volunteer instructors for classes.
  • Improve volunteer teacher retention.
  • Create and document new classes
  • Serve as a mentor for volunteer instructors
  • Maintain website and wiki documentation for class descriptions and schedules
  • Attend meetings as necessary.

Specific Duties: Hardware Grants Coordination

  • Recruit, train, and coordinate Hardware Grants volunteers and volunteer interns
  • Maintain website documentation related to hardware grants
  • Create and maintain Hardware Grants documentation, including support and education for grant recipients
  • Maintain feedback loop with grant recipients
  • This may include,but is not limited to, occasionally working with the PR Committee to gather testimonials or other information, creating surveys, following up with grant recipients
  • Research new avenues for hardware grants
  • Evaluate incoming grants and disburse grants

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Teaching experience required
  • Curriculum writing experience desired
  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Basic computer knowledge: use of web browser, email, word processor, and spreadsheet.
  • Ability to work in a consensus decision making process related to staff and policy issues.
  • Patient and courteous with the public.
  • Ability to work with and coordinate volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience.
  • Able to work in an informal, friendly environment with a diverse staff
  • Work well under stress in an unusual setting, maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity
  • Not afraid to ask questions, but able to work on projects almost entirely without supervision
  • Able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes

Desired knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Knowledge and experience of Free and Open Source Software including the GNU/Linux operating system.
  • An enthusiasm for IT in general and for its use in enabling the work of non-profits and tackling social exclusion in particular.
  • Experience of working with non-profits.
  • Experience and /or knowledge of the issues surrounding the 'Digital Divide' and how to tackle it.