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Planning a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ?

Well In Advance of the Event

  • Put together a committee
  • Brainstorm/Decide which events to have
    • Live music?
    • Blaine Chess Challenge?
    • Brownie Contest?
  • Start working on prizes for raffle contest.
  • Have some one start building a Raffle Box
  • Procure gift certificates from local businesses for raffle
  • Talk to Dirk about fun A/V prize(s)
  • Have Tony put aside fun prize(s) from the store
  • Advertise! Make sure to e-mail regulars & the board
  • Assess how many tables, chairs & tents are available & where they are located
  • Reserve a keg with Ninkasi/Maletis
  • Ensure that *at least 3* staff folks are scheduled to be working on the BBQ not on floor shifts
  • Schedule folks who are covering the store/receiving/front desk so that they don't work more than an hour
  • Designate brownie contest judges
  • Make/procure raffle tickets

The Week Before

  • Post schedule of events at Front Desk
  • Post sign-up sheet at Front Desk for volunteers
  • Reserve 2 Port-o-Potties
  • Pass around a sign-up sheet to staff to help during BBQ. Tasks needed:
    • Some one to pick up the keg (1)
    • People to go food shopping the week of (2)
    • Supervising setting up the tents (2)
    • Supervising volunteers helping with set-up (3)
    • Serving food & beer (2, 3)
    • Grill cleaning & prep (1-2)
    • Grilling the food (2)
    • Supervision of food prep (1-2)
    • MC for Raffle & Brownie contest (1)
    • Building security (1-2)
    • Raffle ticket-givers (1-2)
    • Clean-up supervisory crew (4)

Something else

our resources are cobbled together from lots of donors over the years, so it can be confusing.

Someday we hope to have easy to use audio and video equipment...

here is some of what we have


2 fisher ST-830 (mid)
2 Mitsubishi S4380 (mid)
1 Polk Audio SDA-2 (hi, mid. right channel only)
2 Dawn "triamp" D1015 MHS (monitors with stands)
1 subwoofer (no name, home made box)


Harman/Karden PM655 (tested works well enough)
TOA 900 Series II A-906MK2
Sansui AU-9900
Vector Reasearch Amp/AM FM reciever VR-3000
Peavey CS-400
Denon PMA-520


uh 2 of them they both appear to be mono.

Mixing Boards (more info to come)

biamp 1283-B TESTED! WORKING!

we have 3 mic stands, couple crappy mics

some projectors

cudos to clout and joren for helping work on this with me when i should have been at my girlfriend's party!